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Buying Fabric

Mr. Bao

Dear valueable supplier,

I am Bao, from Vietnamese. 
My company is a Korean Leading Manufacturer in Bedding industry. We have 3 factories in Vietnam to produce tons of Bed sheet, mattress, comforter,... every year.
We are looking forward to diversitizing our product with different fabric styles. 
We saw that you have many different pattern on your website, we would like to seek your Quotation for the price, payment method (T/T or L/C), delivery method (Time, location) for 2 orders:
  1. 100% poly ester/283cm/ 110 GSM/ Microfiber Twill Fabric/ Twill weave/ Disperse printing
  2. (Poly + Tencel) (For example 30% tencel - 70% poly; 45%-55%)/ 283cm/ 110-125 GSM/ Poly-Tencel fabric/ Satin weave/ Diserse printing
---> Please fill in the attached file
In addition, Please send me
  • Your company profile
  • 100 sample of patterns (small flowers, stripe, plaid, cartoon,.. - bright colors + beautiful, new, different, young , luxury,..)
Thank you very much, we hope to be your partner in future.

Thanks and best regards,
Mr. Phạm Lê Gia Bảo

MKT B2B - MT Officer - Everpia JSC HCM Branch
Tel: 08.5431 6639. Ext: 117
Fax: 08.5431 6634
Mobil: 0903372735
Office: Tầng 1, tòa nhà SISC. 27-31 đường 9A, KDC Trung Sơn, Bình Hưng, Bình Chánh, Tp.HCM
Skype: bao.pham24993
Website: www.everpia.vn
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